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Getting your music heard is harder than ever

In today´s music industry the competition is fiercer than ever before. Being able to create music is just a DAW-download away and you no longer need expensive recording studios to make competent productions. As a result there are loads of great music out there, which is great! But at the same time it is very difficult being an independent artist and getting your music heard among the literally millions of tracks circulating the ether.
Getting the bigger labels to recognize you is close to impossible.
You need traction and a fan base to get theirs,
or even someones attention.

That is the reality of it, but it also presents an opportunity
– In todays social media-based society it is easier then ever for
independent artists to promote themselves through
the internet and social media.

We at Tunepit want to be at your assistance.

We want to be a given tool for independent artists every
time a new track is to be released.

Tunepit music helps you reach your goals
We want to use the channels at our disposal to help you PUSH your music out there. Getting listeners, getting followers and building that traction that is essential to you growing and taking your career to the next level.

Ready to take action?

So if you think your music is good enough for the world to hear it then don’t hesitate to check out our Submission-programme.

And oh, the best part about it is – We don’t exclude anyone. If you say you are good enough, we trust you and we will publish your submission.

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